Sunday, May 21, 2006

Movie Report

Some films I've seen in the last few weeks

Thank You for Smoking – a very smartly written, well cast, very funny movie. Go see this one.
American Dreamz – I'm not sure what I expected, I mean its point is to be fizzier than TV
Friends with Money – it forgets to have an ending
Brokeback Mountain – nicely made film full of heart pangs and scenery.
Rent – Fun to see a modern musical – I thought they adapted it to film fairly well.
Lonesome Jim – More of what I would have hoped Jersey Girl was gonna be like, a downbeat misfit amusement directed by Steve Buscemi, with Casey Affleck instead of Ben, and this time Liv Tyler is the one with the kid. Affleck's character was too unlikeable tho, and it wasn't clear whose point of view it was from exactly.
The Aristocrats – this is more entertaining than I anticipated; fun.
Russian Dolls – fun if you enjoyed Aubergine Espagnole. I love seeing European 20-something lives where romances and jobs and weekends can all so easily encompass other cultures and countries
Chronicles of Narnia – disappointing, even for an airplane movie. Would have been cool as super trippy Japanese anime.



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