Friday, June 02, 2006


Penumbra, the gallery in Gloucester carrying my work, had its grand opening party last night. My stuff was in the case by all the free wine, so I'm not sure how much people were focused on jewelery. It's a couple feet away from where you can view it, and some of the interesting detail is lost as a result. However, maybe that's what I can take from that – most people don't stand looking at earrings from three inches away.

Meanwhile I was wearing a lovely rubber necklace with a pendant made from a brass Restroom Token set with a sparkling CZ. I think it was registering with people as a gold circle with a diamond. Anytime my brother or I pointed to it and laughed and said "here's what I made today," people nodded earnestly and said "Gorgeous. Just gorgeous."

I think one of my favorite things at the gallery are these lovely shelves reminiscent of suspension bridges that were made by Brian Ferrell.

Penumbra is in Gloucester, MA, out on Rocky Neck by the Rudder restaurant.



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