Thursday, May 10, 2007

Idea for You

Please take this idea and get fabulously rich (or at least send it to me):
I would like a widget that would let me add movies to my Netflix queue from other review sites like Rotten Tomatoes, etc.

I'm not sure what the identifier on movies is that would work beyond the title though.I have a brilliant widget for example, made by David C. that I use frequently which allows me to go from a book I want on Amazon and just click my URL bookmark for the widget and it looks it up on my local library system (then I just request it) using the ISBN number as the identifier.

If you do make this, be sure to use baby and parenting sites to market it. That's a huge audience of people lamenting they can't get to the movies, and therefore adding interesting titles to Netflicks instead and seeing them later.



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