Monday, May 19, 2008

I won! I won!

I thought I was going out with a friend from CA tonight, but plans changed. So, I went out anyway to the big annual bike benefit at Redbones (BBQ joint near us with free bike valet!). I people-watched the bike geeks and bike punks, and various gangs of riders amazed that I didn't see anyone I knew. I then realized I'm a lot older than half the people I was watching. I bought myself six raffle tickets for $10. I won myself a set of Velocity 700c bike wheels with snappy black spokes that must be worth a few hundred dollars. I ended up out in a pub with a friend and got given free cake. It was a pretty good night.

So, biker friends...these wheels. Can I put them on basically anything that takes skinny tires? Like can I make myself some spiffy bike with just some old ten speed frame now? Or do these wheels deserve better? I could always sell them. . . but we only just met!



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