Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Recent Creations

Things have been a little dark and sketchy looking lately. . . patinas and etching and playing with various metals together. Still experimenting to get my etching down the way I want it on the silver. It's a lot easier and faster to etch silver with nitric acid, but since I'm working in our living room essentially, I don't feel like having that around right now. I am using ferric nitrate which is a little tamer, but still acid. It's just fussier.
In that first pair of earrings I was thinking about bird foot prints. I made a good stamp of some last year that I haven't been able to find, sadly. The next ones are shibuichi and silver bimetal. It makes me think of bamboo. I made a necklace and earrings set with similar looking pieces with labradorite beads that were glowy blue with coppery shimmers. There are black and white etched silver earrings and some rings with various gold and silver combos.



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