Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2006 Music

At the request of my dear hubby, some of my favorite songs I listened to in 2006 (though not all from 2006) were by:

American Ambulance – Particularly good when driving or singing loudly. This winter I sang "Leave This City" and "Ain't Life Good" in the car a lot. See Pete's blog linked in the sidebar here.
Belle and Sebastian – Mellow, calming.
Better than Ezra – I was in a phase of this, and then fell out of it. Extra produced, but moving, earnest alterna-pop.
Bettie Serveert – Love the new acoustic album. It's mellow and interesting and wonderful.
Bright Eyes – I love the album I'm Wide Awake It's Morning. Love. Maybe overplayed it. It hits me in some poetic, gut-real place.
Jeff Buckley – A lullaby every now and then of "Hallelujah. "
Neko Case – Also good for belting out while driving. Especially like "Rated X"
Death Cab for Cutie – Mellow, and "I'll Follow You into the Dark" was so lovely.
Tanya Donnelly – She's constantly in rotation, particularly when I'm writing.
The Essex Green – "Don't Know Why (You Stay)" got lodged in my brain a bunch this year.
The Go! Team – Thunder, Lightening, Strike is still my favorite get psyched or get moving at the gym album.
Ida – A bit down in the Low realm, but so moving and pretty. I really loved "Laurel Blues"
Kasabian – I know it was overplayed, but I did love "Club Foot" and listened to it a bunch.
The Killers – Again, overplayed, I did love "When You Were Young"
Kings of Convenience – This always calms me down. Kind of a modern Simon & Garfunkel effect I suppose.
Love is All – "Talk Talk Talk Talk" pleased me in its thrashy throwback to Blondie era stylings
Luna – I couldn't have told you I listened to "Still at Home" as often as I did without iTunes telling me.
Magnet – "Where Happiness Lives" I love.
Morningwood – I found 5-yr-old glee in singing "Nth Degree" to glenn repeatedly until it showed up in some TV commercial.
My Morning Jacket – "Off the Record" and "Gideon" made me really happy. "Off the Record" put me in the Clash/REM/late '80s mode of reminiscence.
The Raconteurs – I don't think I'd like a whole album, but I did have fun bopping around to "Steady as She Goes"
Shout Out Louds – I liked the whole album, but especially "Hurry Up Let's Go"
Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped was a Rather awesome album, best in many years of subpar Sonic Youth
Le Tigre – "T.K.O." again in the silly bopping around the house department.
M. Ward – Enjoyed the Post-War album and especially "Right in the Head"
Wheat – Not new guilty bop pleasure in a the strummy pop of "I Met a Girl"
World Leader Pretend – "Bang Theory" was a good get up and go anthem in that same rising mood of say "When You Were Young" (Killers)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Like Garbage, gets into that threateningly powerful but pained mode.



At 7:33 PM, Blogger The Pete Man said...

Dang! Thanks for the shout-out, Beth. You mentioned 2 of my own 3 favorite songs from the American Ambulance album... the other being Bad Moon Over Brooklyn.

I also liked a lot of your other picks. You should come write for Hard Listening, coming soon to the blogosphere!

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Emily said...

(came by way of TWAS, after going on a Best of 06 quest.)

That Bright Eyes album, especially "First Day Of My Life" was my favourite when my daughter was born. it was just right. Just right.


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