Sunday, May 27, 2007

On the Lot

I haven't written in some time, mostly due to adapting to being an underslept mom to a very hungry boo. I intend to change this. Well, the writing part anyway....

For now, I'm going to do something a bit out of character and ask you to watch some reality TV. My friend Hilary Graham is competing the the show "On the Lot" which is airing on Fox. The short film she submitted got her chosen to be one of the 50 contestants and she's made the first two rounds of cuts and is one of 18 currently. This is the show that pits film makers against each other to win a development deal at Dreamworks.

The Monday night 5/28 episode is a two hour show where you get to vote afterwards on the website. It's on at 7/8c and since Monday is my birthday, please give me the present of voting for Hilary after the show airs, whether you watched it or not. I used to assign stories to Hilary when we worked at the same television show, and she's amazingly talented, so worth your vote, and she deserves it; I promise.



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