Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Food Cubes

I've been told numerous times that I will never actually make Lyra's baby food. It's too hard, too time consuming, and just a laughable idea when faced with the reality of a kid.

Maybe I'm missing something, because I made a bunch of baby food yesterday and it was unbelievably easy. I have an organic farm share, and this time of year the veggies tend to pile up at our house where two people are eating through a family-sized share. So I steamed some veggies for a few minutes, put them in the food processor, then spooned them into ice cube trays and froze them (She won't be eating real food for a couple of months). This took very little time and required the culinary skill of boiling water.

I ate some of each flavor and would have been happy to consume large quantities of all of it. It was really delicious. And it was pretty: bright cubes of fresh colors that look nothing like the gray "green" veggies I consumed as a child. No sugar, no pesticides, no problem.

(Wish I'd taken this picture in better light so you could see just how bright they are: Summer Squash, Green Beans, Carrots.)

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At 3:09 PM, Blogger Richard said...

Yes! We've managed to get by feeding our almost-1 year old nothing that we don't mind eating ourselves.

A few things we've found: Sweet potatoes are laughably easy to bake or steam and mash. A rice cooker makes a very handy steamer for ~2 meal size portions of vegetables (ours has been demanding to feed herself for the past couple months, so we haven't been pureeing so much recently). The Petit Apetit cookbook is truly excellent.


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