Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Miles (2.36) and Years (38)

We took Lyra lots of miles this week. But this weekend we were in a lakeside cabin and most of my motion involved floating.
Yesterday: 2.36 walking about Cambridge -- don't forget to join me and post yours. I'll post today's later.

Lyra got dipped in the lake up to her waist. She began with a serious dumbstruck look with her eyes on mine to see if this wacky feeling was okay. By the time I bounced her feet on the sand in the shallow cove, she was yelping happily. It was really fun. She also got to meet my oldest friend, who grew up going to the cabin next door. That means Merey met me And Lyra before we could talk. Pretty cool. I guess that is probably the most constant place I've had in my life.

I also realized that Lyra was the fourth generation of my family to go to the camp. That kind of blew my mind. I mean, it still seems like a place we visited my grandmother and now here I am with a kid and her grandmother and mine are both gone and I'm telling Lyra that the braided rug was made by her great-great grandmother and that seems just ancient somehow. And like we should probably clean it.

I was thinking again about how people always tell men if they're a good dad but not women if they're a good mom, probably because the bar is put much higher. I was talking to a friend yesterday and he said he really wanted to be a "family man," and I realized I couldn't think of an equivalent female term. This whole "mom" stuff is pretty interesting. I must say I am enjoying Being a mother though. I feel pretty happy lately. Especially since I feel like I've been reclaiming my life more and more, and she's a pretty enjoyable sidekick to have.

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