Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day Scare

So, being a forward-looking, Be Prepared kinda gal (who struggles a bit with her lack of time lately), I decided to check out the daycare center a couple of blocks from us that is supposed to be one of the best around. I know people get on waiting lists for these things while they are pregnant, and I know they're expensive, so I figure we'll take a tour, get on the waiting list for next year for part time care and I'll get a break and Lyra will get some socialization, and it will cost some money.

Apparently some people are more prepared than I am. If I had gotten on the waiting list a few months after I'd gotten married she could go there now. She might be able to get into pre-school there if I signed up now. How do they have any infants in the infant class? Do people sign up when they have a good date these days?

And holy crap is it expensive. As much or more than the private school nearby that charges more for part time kindergarten than I paid for college.



At 5:31 PM, Anonymous michele said...

Andrew's pre-preschool (which is a program for all the kids whose birthdays fall late in the year) is $13 a day for two two-hour days. That's $7 less than what I would pay a sitter to watch him for 2 hours. And that's a sitter that doesn't have a Ed degree -- they get $15/hr. Once he goes to "real" preschool, it's $2,600 for two days, Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 1.
What do I want him to learn in preschool? How to listen to an authority figure other than me.
How to share with children he is not related to.
How to deal with groups of children that are not raised in a barn where they eat cheerios off the floor for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And a million other things I don't particularly enjoy doing but are probably lots of fun. (I don't mind paint, glue and pompoms. Just not in my house.)
For a sahm who needs the break, it's worth the money. When I go back to work, it'll be an additional expense, and maybe not so worth the money.
I understand now why mothers stagger their kids at 4-year intervals. They get cheaper when you send them to school.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger glenn mcdonald said...

Just for the record, for dinner we put L's cheerios on a plate on the floor.


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