Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Masked Maraders

So a couple of weeks ago we were startled by gunshots out front. Last night we had masked marauders in the back.

It was around 4am. We were awake feeding Lyra. I heard a two-note repeated keening noise in the back yard and what sounded like an exceptionally pissed off squirrel. I nudged glenn into action and he eventually made his way to the back of the street lit house with his trusty flashlight. He looked around and saw nothing. Then he pointed the flashlight up. Two eyes flashed back at him. Then another pair. Then another. Our single tree in our tiny urban backyard was full of racoons!

They were gone by morning, and I'm afraid to look in my tarp-covered kayak that's been sitting unusued for some time now just under said tree...


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