Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We're having trouble booking a vacation to the Caribbean. Lots of places are more expensive than we thought. [burp] So, we'll probably go to Puerto Rico, the one place there I've been as an adult. Oh well, there could be worse problems.

My mother-in-law and I had a play date today. We made fun of maternity clothes and examined the baby gear possibilities in the outlets near her, she took me out to a yummy lunch and then we played with alcohol-based inks in the afternoon. She is amazing and created all these wild abstract colors and shapes. It was fun. One of the best things about art projects is that I forget I'm pregnant while I do them. [burp]

So there my kid will get beach and art and baked goods and my dad is itching to play with the kid and picnic under the planes at the local airport and feed the ducks together and this all makes me feel really loved and relieved and excited.

When I got home the nurse had left a message that she had "great news" so I think the amnio went well, but the eek part is that I'm afraid to call tomorrow as I will then know the gender of my child. That makes me this weird, uncomfortably high-strung combo of nervous and excited...(so does saying "my child").

Have I mentioned that I burp all day lately?


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