Monday, November 06, 2006

Nice Surprise

I feel really kind of schlumpy dumpty lately. My pregnant stomach is in the realm where I don't fit well in my pants but am too small for maternity wear so I just look kind of fat. My hair, which grows fast anyway, has been growing super fast and I've been letting it and I've been feeling stupid looking. Then my hip bones have started aching horribly from sleeping on them so I feel really old in the morning. And I'm always tired.

So, I finally got tired of feeling like crap and bought some memory foam for the top of the bed which helped and bought some stretchy waisted jeans and got my hair cut today. Then I took myself out to a nice solo lunch and lingered over some magazines. While reading Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, I found myself quoted in an article about how experts suggest one choose a good travel guide. I totally forgot I had chatted back and forth with that writer online months ago. I toasted myself with a cup of coffee and felt like I had changed the self esteem tide a little finally.

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