Friday, February 09, 2007

Baby report

I've been asked for a baby report. Here's the deal: She weighs three pounds and has three months to go. She is currently in the 40th percentile (basically average size). She will grow at an incredible rate in the next three months. It's said if babies kept growing at this rate they'd weigh 200 lbs by the time they were one year old.

She kicks me all day long but really seems to be prone to dancing or running a marathon or building a rocket or something betwen about 3AM and 7AM. She occasionally gets the hiccups in the evening, which feel like a light rapping. She does not have a name, since you slackers never send me any.

She swallows, sticks her tongue out, blinks her eyes, and has a lot going on in her growing brain. She has some hair growing out of the back of her head, which looks Very silly on an ultrasound. She is working on getting some good working lungs. She is spoiled by having a very large pool to swim in. And since I'm now supposed to be taking it easy and am being monitored weekly due to frequent "false" contractions and the small amount of extra amniotic fluid, the baby also has her own weekly TV show (ultrasound).

This week on her show she entertained an ultrasound tech, a resident, and the department head by showing how much she moves around constantly, and then while on an extreme close up she took her time with a long yawn. Here is a photo from last week's episode of Baby TV. It's not as clear as past ones, but is also kind of remarkable, as it shows her face (tilt your head to the right) with chubby cheeks, rather than her previous Skeletor look. We may not see that again until she's out in the world as she's big enough that its hard to capture that on the ultrasound now.



At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Scot Hacker said...

She does not have a name, since you slackers never send me any.

Well if I had know you were looking... I still like the circuit of old-timey, under-used names:


* (though there seem to be a lot of Rubys out there these days)

I'm probably on the wrong track here, just thinking out loud.

Yes, it's me :). Just stumbled on your site surfing through LinkedIn, had no idea you were doing this site, or even that you were married, let alone blissing on baby. Thrills! I've got a little one too - some pix and stuff here.

Have a marvelous pregnancy. Be excellent.

- Scot


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