Friday, June 29, 2007


Lyra and I just returned from the Box Office Babies series at our favorite art house, the Coolidge Corner in Brookline. Unlike the slightly more suburban and better publicized baby-friendly movies in Arlington that were mobbed with an army of strollers outside, this movie was barely attended. There were less than ten moms and one super cranky woman who had somehow not understood she was at the Box Office Babies showing despite being told several times while getting her ticket and coming in. "This is just ridiculous," she groused. "Where can I sit where there aren't babies? This is AWFUL." I mentioned there were less than ten in the theater, right? Babies sleep. It was quieter than plenty of movies I've seen where babies would be unwelcome for sure.

Anyway, we saw the movie Once, with Glen Hansard, the guy from The Frames. I highly recommend this movie. I'd read that it was a "rock musical" and was afraid of it. However, it's really a lovely movie. The characters don't stop the story and break into a performance, it's rather a movie where the characters have happened upon each other on the street and begin literally making music together working on their songs. Through the song lyrics and especially the emotion conveyed in them you get the story. It has very much the feeling of Before Sunrise as a result, but with a screenplay that probably was one percent of the length.

When Lyra and I emerged from this movie, she was all smiles.

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At 9:33 AM, Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

Glad to see you are settling in with Lyra. What a great name. Sorry I haven't written in a long time but things have been a bit tumultuous as always! Lots to catch-up on. Email me - I don't have your current phone number or I would have called by now. How nice the Coolidge has a Box Office Babies series. Glad to see you've been strawberry picking - walking through the power lines is a good adventure for a baby - do you still go to that place? I understand entirely what you mean about isolation. Glad to see Lyra has good taste in music. Give my regards to Glenn.

xo - double stuff as you say.


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