Monday, September 24, 2007


At 10pm a couple of weeks ago 18 people severely beat two men half a mile from my house.
At 10pm the other night the quiet in our house was shattered by BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG as a man was shot (not fatally) about fifty feet from where Lyra was sleeping.
The police are "not at liberty" to tell us any information. As my brother said, "They're not really in the liberty business, are they?"

Cambridge is such a brainy town. That's why it's school system blows and I have to worry about where I walk at 10pm.

Of course most of these crimes near us seem to involve people who know each other. And if we moved to the burbs, our quality of life would decrease some and our risk would increase some due to the commuting involved. It's confusing.

I don't know how to protect my daughter from sudden violence on a "safe" street with people driving by and shops and restaurants open at 10pm.

9/25 UPDATE: The police were at liberty to tell our local newspaper the story of what happened with the shooting. Apparently they responded to calls and found a guy who had been shot in the ass. He had lots of percoset in his pockets and had just shoved a bunch of crack behind some garbage cans before police arrived. Dunno who shot him, but supposedly he was talking to a couple of people on the sidewalk and they backed slowly away about nine feet and shot at him five times but only hit him in the ass, so somehow he just seems like a really pathetic excuse for even a dealer.

The police seemed to think that the fact that the bullet will not be extracted from his ass is going to inhibit their investigation. <Insert your own jokes here.>

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