Monday, January 14, 2008

Lyra Crawls

Lyra began crawling almost as soon as the calendar turned to 2008. She has a special wounded soldier move where she basically combat crawls with one arm. She can go quite fast this way.

(That's a link to the movie on YouTube -- blogger isn't letting me copy the code to embed the video at the moment for some reason...argh.)


Friday, January 11, 2008

Register to Vote

If you choose to live in a democracy, it's obviously a little silly not to vote. But if you have been on a voting hiatus of some kind for one reason or another and you're not sure if you're registered, you can look it up online now. Don't hesitate; time is a-ticking. You'll need to have your registration postmarked in just a few days if you live in one of the 24 states that vote on the presidential primary on Super Tuesday (Feb 5).


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Idea for You

The effects of TV writers striking has been really interesting. However, it got me thinking...

On New Year's Day glenn fished Parade magazine out of the recycling bin when I mentioned that I had chucked it in there on sight when I saw the cover. He immediately began reading aloud the offending story (in his best Texan accent and with additional commentary): our president supposedly waxing poetic about what he found Special in 2007. It was one of those bizarre roundups of people who knew about hard times (some of which he caused) who he had the great fortune of meeting (or their surviving parents). You know this format: Many people were courageous. I had the good fortune of meeting one such person: Joe Lost His Legs in the War. Many people are struggling with the economy. I had the good fortune of meeting such a person: Jane Minimum Wage. The people who make up this proud country are strong. I have met at least five of them.

Anyway, here's an idea all you writers: unify even more and strike a deal with Other Writers. That's right, you know what I'm thinking: TV writers fire up your computers and get typing while the political and speech writers take an election time turn sitting out. Now That would be interesting, And it would give the television writers plenty of material. Let's work together, folks.

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My Celebrity Lunch Date

When I'm feeling dumpy or uninspired I often try to change my mood by having a very nice date with myself. Usually I have some nice leisurely lunch and write or sketch and read some magazines. I often dine alone anyway, but a purposeful solo date lunch is different. It probably feels like a lovely peaceful escape simply because instead of feeling crappy that I spend so much time alone, I am celebrating my time alone.

One of the last times I took my time doing this at a deli in Brookline I flipped the page in my magazine and read a quote from myself in Budget Travel. Go me! Well, today I was at the same deli, feeling relaxed and happy. I poured myself some more tea, drowned a bite of knish in some brown mustard and turned the page in Ornament magazine. I'd bought it on my way into the deli as there was both an artist I find compelling profiled as well as an article about Haystack Mt. School of Crafts, a place where I felt happier than I can express. There on the page suddenly was a picture of myself listening intently during a lecture at Haystack.

After I gave the waitress my autograph, I went home and showed the magazine to glenn to make sure someone who was not me would see me in the same magazine. (He did.)

A date with myself. Indeed.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Who's Your Candidate?

So, who's your ideal candidate?
I have the most in common with Kucinich and the least with Hunter, according to this quiz.