Wednesday, August 16, 2006


In September I will at last have studio space! The search went from newly renovated artist spaces to several mixed use buildings to a cooperative house-like space, to maybe a first floor room in an apartment and ended in a gritty but functional industrial space inhabited mainly by woodworkers (a lot of North Bennet St. School alum). I'm sharing a 525 sq. foot space with two other metalsmiths (for less money than a 288 sq. ft space was going to cost in the newly renovated artists bldg!).

It's got a level cement floor and most of the top of one wall is glass bricks with a couple of small windows to the outside (with security wire fencing and all). We'll need to run a big dehumidifier as it is concrete and brick and ancient. It is an end unit and is ten feet or so from the outside door so we can do various noxious things outside, which is unusual for urban artist spaces.

The three of us will likely hold a studio-warming holiday sale in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile this means I will move my studio out of our space that is meant to be a livingroom, we will have room for actual seating and not only can we have people over, but they won't have to fear their kids (or our cats) getting into my sharp and toxic stuff.

If you have any old appliances that work but you don't use that could be useful in the space, let me know: dehumidifiers, A/C, tiny fridge, microwave, etc.

Exciting! And scary.



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